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My Summer Holiday

After New years my Mum and I had to travel to Tonga because her Uncle had died.She was really sad. We packed our clothes and then got some lunch to eat. After that my brothers grabbed our bags and put them in our car.When we hopped inside the car it was hot and we had to turn down all the windows  which was very nice and cool. When we arrived at the airport we took out our bags and went to check them out but when we went in there the machine was not working so we went to a man who said that we had to wait 40 minutes. We said goodbye to my Dad and my brothers and then it was just me and my Mum. My Mum and I waited and waited and waited until it was time to go. This time we went to a lady which said yes you can go but then a Man came and said that we had to hurry up and so we put our bags in and the the man said go over to that lady over there and so we did and that’s when we started our long walk. 


We walked through the security. Then we had to do a long walk to out gate.A lady came in a little car to pick some of us up.There was no more space for me to sit in because of the  suitcases and so I had to walk. Man it felt like an hour walk, because my legs were hurting and I had to carry my bag as well but when we arrived at the gate it was just around boarding time. We gave our boarding passes to the flight attendant and she told us which way to go.I got to go on the window side and I was  watching Encanto.When we arrived in Tonga it was raining and we had to go down these steep steps.It was so slippery so a man came and he took me and my mums suitcases and give it back to us when we have gotten down.


We went down and then we went inside the airport where I had to wait a little bit because  my mum had to buy some smokes for my uncle.Then we went to go grab our bags from the checkout and then we gave our arrival cards and went straight outside. I could see my uncle Vite and I ran  to hug him and I also hugged my cousin Lio. We went to the car and I sat down but once the car moved I heard a shuffle down on the floor and what I saw freaked me out.It was a puppy and I got scared because it was huge.So my other cousin that was in the front picked the dog up and put him in the front.Two days past and then  I got sick it was so bad but at least I got to swim.On the last day we went to the wharf and we sat there drinking hot chocolate. I can not wait to go on another fantastic trip to Tonga.

Our Trip To Stone Cottage

Yesterday our class went on a trip to the Stone Cottage. The stone cottage was right across the road from our school. When we arrived at the stone cottage it looked so amazing even though I’ve walked around it many times. Three people were there, and they were Terry, Patrick and Josephine. When we met them they told us all about the old day and the dusty roads they had. They also showed us the old St Patrick’s church.

When we went in the first room we met Josephine and she was one of the oldest ladies I had ever seen, sitting on a chair. We saw a few things that we have never seen before. We saw a basket of yarn and some wool. Terry said that is what they used to knit sweaters with.

When we went to the next room we saw a lot of new clothes.One of them was called a Pantaloons and they were the women’s underpants.Another thing in that room was the potty.It was for them to go toilet in because in the olden days they had no toilets. They had hot water bottles and they used them for putting under the bed to keep their feet warm. They also had a bowl with a brush in it so the men could shave their faces.

Next we went to the kitchen which had a lot of old and dusty things. One of the coolest ones was the bellow, which was used to keep the fire alive. We also got to see one of the old sewing machines and because they didn’t have any electricity back then they used their feet on a pedal to make it work. One of the things the children used to play with was stilts. They put their feet on  the stilts and then they just walked around on them, as a game.

After that we climbed up these long and steep stairs and even some of us hit our heads. When we arrived at the first room upstairs it was the first time I’d ever seen a typewriter. We also saw the shoes the men used to wear. There was this huge map of New Zealand. After that we moved on to the last room which had a mannequin dressed in women’s clothes. We saw the pantaloons the women wore as their underwear and some other dresses they wore. There was a crib that the babies would have slept in and a few dolls in there too. I think I saw like about four dolls, two in a crib, one on a high chair and another one in another crib.

After that we came downstairs and went outside. We said thank you and left to go back to school. I cannot wait until the next time we get to visit another historic place.


Yesterday we had two special instructors that came from Bigfoot Adventures. Their names were Kate and Kyla. Bigfoot is a company funded by Auckland Transport that goes around schools teaching children how to ride a bike safely.Kate and Kyla told us the correct gear we should be wearing. You must wear fluorescent bright colours so that the drivers will be able to see you and we must not wear shoes that show our feet. They have to be covered shoes, so that our feet don’t get injured.


Later on they called people to line up against the fence, shortest to tallest. Four of the shortest people like me had to ride on the Bigfoot bikes and the tallest people had use the St Patrick’s bikes. We split into two groups. The least confident people went with Kate and the confident people went with kyla.  I was with Kyla and my favourite skill I learned was when we were weaving between the cones, and another one was learning how to use the gears only when we are pedalling.


Finally the last thing we did was have free time and we were able to go really fast without our hands on the handle bars. After riding we played a game called buddy up. You had to buddy up and when Kyla says  go on someone’s back the person behind you jumps on your back. It was so much fun. I said a thank you speech to them and hopefully we will have enough time next year to have another go at cycling. I love the freedom of riding outside.


On the 14th of July New Zealanders  celebrated a special day of Matariki. Last week when we came back to school, we  read and watched a video about the legend of Tawhirimatea and how he flung his eyes into the Milky Way. These eyes are the Matariki stars. We also made a comic strip of this story.

Another day, we made a Matariki star that we hung up on our wall.

This is how you make a Matariki star:

These are the things you need:

*Wool or string





First you take the cardboard and cut a perfect circle. Next on the cardboard you draw a clock except leave out the hands. Then you cut out the lines above the numbers and get ready to use your wool. Now you put one end of the wool and put it at the top which is number 12. Go from 12 to 6 twice with one colour  and then do 1 to 7 twice, 2 to 8 twice, 3 to 9 twice, 4 to 10 twice, 5 to 11 twice and then cut it at eleven. Then use another colour wool and then instead of starting at 12 you start at 1. From 1 you count 5 up from 2 you count 5 up from 3 you count 5 up from 4 you count 5 from 5 you count up 5 and on until twelve then cut it. Now you should have a Matariki star just like these and mine at the top  of this blog. It was fun.

Characterisation of Storm Boy and Fingerbone Bill

I am a wizened, aboriginal man. I have a flash of white teeth, a jolly black face which is screwed up and wrinkled  like an old boot. I understand the meaning of any tiny or big footprint of any creature on the beach. I cannot see much anymore but I am an Investigator of nature.

                                    My name is ……………………………………….Fingerbone Bill


I am a young boy who loves being in storms. I am afraid of nothing because I have lived at the beach all my life and it is peaceful. I live in a humpy on the Coorong beach between the Murray River and the sea. My father is called Hideaway Tom and his friend is Fingerbone Bill. Our environment provides our food and we look after it too, so that the birds, animals and humans can live together peacefully.

                                                             My name is …………………………………….Storm boy                          


Our Kia O Rahi Tournament

Yesterday after morning tea we had a  Ki O Rahi Tournament that was held on our field. I was so excited that I quickly got my PE clothes from my room and changed during morning tea. We had to wear our house colours and the houses are Kauri, Totara, Rata and Rimu and  I was in Rimu. When I was playing  it was so fun because I was running so fast that I nearly scored a try. We switched teams every game.

In the last game for Rimu I was playing and we sadly lost because they scored so many points I lost track. When the games ended the coaches counted up the points and they found that Kauri was first, Rata second and Totara third and Rimu fourth.

Then  coach Trey brought out a fake 100 dollar monopoly note and gave it to Kauri and Kauri was cheering. I had so much fun that I really want to play more games but we sadly couldn’t. One of my friends, Pio said thank you to the coaches for teaching us Kia O Rahi and refereeing. I enjoyed it so much that I cannot wait until next year when we play in another Kia  O Rahi tournament.


Today we had a visitor which was Mrs Grant and she was going to be teaching us how to put a screen-cast in to your  blog. It was hard at first but luckily we got through it all.I can not wait till people see my video about Pelicans.

ANZAC biscuits


ANZAC Biscuits


Last Thursday after lunch time  we were going to be having a treat which was an ANZAC biscuit that Mrs Agnew bought for us, but it wasn’t for us just to eat it but also for us to describe what they look like and what the history of them are. Part of the history was that during world war 1 in 1915 women baked ANZAC biscuits because they could last a long time on the boats getting to the men in the war who were fighting for our freedom.  ANZAC means Australia New Zealand Army Corp. When I looked at the ANZAC biscuit it looked like a Frisbee that someone could just throw into my mouth. Once I got the biscuit I was quite afraid that I would spit it out but when I tasted it my mouth just died. It was so delicious I could eat it for a whole year. I loved the texture of the ANZAC biscuit and I cannot wait until next year to hopefully taste another one of those amazing biscuits.


Celebrating 175th Jubilee

On Friday morning St Patrick’s School gathered for our mass for St Patrick’s Day. Our school was singing a few songs that we had been practising for quite a while. After mass we were excited to dig up a time capsule that had been buried in front of the church for 25 years. Nobody knew what was inside it, except for the people who buried it.


Inside the box there were really old and dirty photos and newspapers from the day. When we finished looking at the old photos and newspapers the whole of St Patrick’s was about to go to the morning tea in the hall but Mrs George told us “ go back to school”!! 

When we arrived back at school we had all forgotten that we had sports that day. We were all under the canopy waiting for the teachers. Mrs Bullot had these cards for our teams and my team was winning nearly everything. My team was called Shamrocks and after all the games we had delicious, cold ice blocks for all our hard playing. When Mrs Bullot asked if people wanted to see the results of who had won, everyone (I don’t know why) said ‘no’ so no one except the teachers knew who won.

On Sunday when I entered the church, I looked at all the seats and they were packed with families  and when I looked over at the St Patrick’s side, there were more kids than I expected. The mass took a while because there was a really long entrance talk, when they were sharing history about St Patrick’s and some words in Maori.

After Mass St Patrick’s community went to the hall to go dance and sing some songs.When we started dancing it was so loud. We were stomping and dancing very very loudly. Then we started singing Mo Maria and May the road rise to meet you. Sadly, after that I had to go, but hopefully I’ll be around in twenty five years time to celebrate again.

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