ANZAC biscuits


ANZAC Biscuits


Last Thursday after lunch time  we were going to be having a treat which was an ANZAC biscuit that Mrs Agnew bought for us, but it wasn’t for us just to eat it but also for us to describe what they look like and what the history of them are. Part of the history was that during world war 1 in 1915 women baked ANZAC biscuits because they could last a long time on the boats getting to the men in the war who were fighting for our freedom.  ANZAC means Australia New Zealand Army Corp. When I looked at the ANZAC biscuit it looked like a Frisbee that someone could just throw into my mouth. Once I got the biscuit I was quite afraid that I would spit it out but when I tasted it my mouth just died. It was so delicious I could eat it for a whole year. I loved the texture of the ANZAC biscuit and I cannot wait until next year to hopefully taste another one of those amazing biscuits.


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