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The Evil Aliens

Today I was making a Comic Quest about The Evil Aliens. It took me a while but I did it.This is about a women fighting a goblin when she sees Three EVIL aliens. She cuts them in one slice and they die.Here is my presentation.



Today we were learning how to be observant when we see different media.We watched a video about a house hippo and then we thought about what we already know about hippo’s.After that we went to our Chromebooks and we went figure out if the image was fake or real.This was one of the very hard images I could not figure out.


What does your digital footprint say about you?

Today we were learning about how to make an informed guess about someone else’s profile.We learnt that when you are writing about someone you have to show  respect and integrity. The profile that I chose was Kiera and she came from Panmure Bridge School. I learnt a lot of things that she likes and cannot wait to do some more positive  comments on blogs.

Creating a Tangram

Today we had a visitor come to our classroom and her name was Mrs Grant. She came to teach us some google short cuts to move tangram shapes to make a jet. The challenging part for me was when I had to put the wings together and make it into a jet. I am so happy that I made it through that hard puzzle and can’t wait until I do it again.


On Monday Mrs Grant told us that we will be making a google drawing of a monster and  I was creating an alien. The most challenging thing for me was when I had to keep creating more and more of the same things around the whole of my page. I am making something that is like COVID and is spreading over the world, and they do that because the humans killed the little one’s daddy. It is a deadly COVID that will attack anyone it sees.I used a black background and a picture of the earth to make it more dark and creepy