New Zealand Sign Language

Yesterday on the 16th of May I did a Cybersmart that was teaching me how to do sign language.There was a video of a lady showing us what I was going to be doing and what I will be learning.I went onto my Cybersmart learning site and made a copy of a slide.I scrolled down and it showed me a picture of hands doing the alphabet in sign language.I learnt how to do all the vowels and how to do my own name.

Then on the next slide there was a women who showed me how to say” Hello my name is” and then we would look at the alphabet and sign language our name.I was kind of hard for me because some letters in my name were hard to do.It took me two minutes and then I completed it.

I was able to say something in sign language.I was amazed that I could do it because I never thought that I could.Some of my other friends were doing it as well so I decided to help them get it right.I made a screen cast of me doing sign language.I put it on my slide and was proud of my self for learning something really amazing that I never knew before.I also could not wait to learn way more.

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