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Today I was doing the summer learning journey and I chose Arts as my topic.They asked us to do a tangram and I think that the human tangram was really fun because you had heaps of time to move the shapes into the right place but the other ones were just easy. The human was a challenging one.Here is a screenshot on the human Tangram. Hope you like it.

Kia orana My name is Marii

Kia orana My name is Marii, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in Year 6 and my teacher is Mr Bell. My favourite subject is Maths and Writing  and I enjoy learning about Descriptive language.  I am good at Cricket, Netball, Running fast and good at singing.  My goal for this year is to try my best to be more kind to my brothers and other people. In my spare time I like to sit down and sing a song to myself.


Making a tree house


Last term we were reading and talking about the book called The Tree Hut Treaty. We made our own Class Treaty and then our teacher said we were going to design and make our own tree huts in the last week of term.


I brought a recycled box and a big, plastic Sprite bottle from home. I first filled the big bottle with some water for my tree trunk. Then I got my box and my teacher glued the box with hot glue onto the big bottle.

After that I started to decorate my box with lots of interesting extra stuff. I first cut out some windows and used some brown paper for the curtains of my windows.Then I added some polystyrene for some pillows inside the tree house and also I put some on the top of the box for some hair.

I took some heavy off cuts and placed them on the top of the roof as a bed. Then it was complete. Yes, it turned out to be a tree hut that looked like a person!

When I started to paint I used blue for the pants and white for the t-shirt. Then I painted the box red and then it was complete.

The exciting part was when  the testing began. First we had to check that our tree huts would not get blown over in the wind (or the classroom fan!) We counted to ten and all of our tree huts were successful. Then we had to check for weight and see if they could hold four pairs of scissors. Finally we had to check whether our huts were watertight and when we poured water over them whether they would leak. I was successful with all the criteria and I was very proud and happy.