Road to Paris

On Monday the 6th we started our laps for road to Paris.We thought it was going to be very hard but we did it anyway.We first measured the  length and the width of the court so we knew how many laps we could times it by.We got 92.We ran around our court and it was so tiring.We found  out that 11 laps  equalled to 1 km.

The first day I wanted to do 11 laps but the next day I would try doing 21 laps.After we ran our laps we went inside our classroom and used our chrome books for a calculator. I did 11 times 92 which equalled 1012m. I was really proud of myself because two days after that I did 61 laps.I did some at home and added it with the ones I did with the class.I could not wait for the next day to see how many laps I can do.

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