Find Wally Or Marii?

Today I was doing the summer learning journey.I chose Arts as my topic and they asked me to make my own find Wally.Instead of wally I changed it to my name which is Marii. Here is a screenshot of what I have done.See if you can find me.

2 thoughts on “Find Wally Or Marii?

  1. Kia Orana Marii
    this is your friend Jamie from St. Pats! I just saw one of your posts, and I figured, why not check it out? I see you have done the Where’s Wally activity, which I found really fun. Your activity is pretty tricky!! I really look forward to seeing more of your posts. Have an awesome day, and an even awesome-er Christmas!
    Your friend,

  2. Mōrena Marii,

    What an awesome kick start activity, I love the Where’s Wally books and how exciting it is to be able to create your own version with YOU as Wally!! I thought it was really great that you completed all the different slides, a really good challenge for yourself. Have you read the Where’s Wally books before? I think the I Spy ones were my favourite as I liked being able to look for different objects.

    It took me a while but I managed to successfully find your character, a really good idea making your character small and hidden.

    It is great to see you participating in the summer learning journey again this year and I look forward to seeing more of your awesome posts, keep up the great work!

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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