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My Sailing Excperience

Yesterday we went sailing with the year six and five to the Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club. It was a long walk that we took.We had to pack some lunch and water bottle,a towel and of course a swimming tog. We left school at 8.25 and arrived at 8.45.There were three people there to teach us.There names were Steph,Allie and Blair.They showed us what the rudder does and how to work the sail.They then let us have a go on land how to move the rudder and sail.After that they said that the year sixes could go in the water and sail and I was excited because I was a year six.


They gave us our life jackets and it took a while to put them on but we did eventually.We hopped in the water and it was really cold.My partner that was with me was screaming “its cold” and also very muddy.We hopped on our boats and started sailing like pros.We were following Steph because we were playing follow the leader and then we were racing with the others to grab the toys Steph was throwing out.She then told us to stop and capsize our boats which was so scary.Me and my partner were the last ones to do it because we were so scared.


Blair came and told us that the easiest way is to go to the front of the boat and rock it.It was really hard and took a long time.Then Steph came and said just hold on to the bar and lean back.I stood up, held the bar and leaned back.It was falling and as it was going to hit the water I jumped off so as my partner and then”SLASH”.It was so fun.We hopped out of the water and then got back on our boats and sailed back to shore.It was then the year fives turn.While we waited we learnt how to do knots and pulleys.Then sooner did we know it was finished and we were sitting down saying thank you to them.We walked back to school and in my mind I wanted to do it again.I was such a great sailing experience.




My Summer Holiday

After New years my Mum and I had to travel to Tonga because her Uncle had died.She was really sad. We packed our clothes and then got some lunch to eat. After that my brothers grabbed our bags and put them in our car.When we hopped inside the car it was hot and we had to turn down all the windows  which was very nice and cool. When we arrived at the airport we took out our bags and went to check them out but when we went in there the machine was not working so we went to a man who said that we had to wait 40 minutes. We said goodbye to my Dad and my brothers and then it was just me and my Mum. My Mum and I waited and waited and waited until it was time to go. This time we went to a lady which said yes you can go but then a Man came and said that we had to hurry up and so we put our bags in and the the man said go over to that lady over there and so we did and that’s when we started our long walk. 


We walked through the security. Then we had to do a long walk to out gate.A lady came in a little car to pick some of us up.There was no more space for me to sit in because of the  suitcases and so I had to walk. Man it felt like an hour walk, because my legs were hurting and I had to carry my bag as well but when we arrived at the gate it was just around boarding time. We gave our boarding passes to the flight attendant and she told us which way to go.I got to go on the window side and I was  watching Encanto.When we arrived in Tonga it was raining and we had to go down these steep steps.It was so slippery so a man came and he took me and my mums suitcases and give it back to us when we have gotten down.


We went down and then we went inside the airport where I had to wait a little bit because  my mum had to buy some smokes for my uncle.Then we went to go grab our bags from the checkout and then we gave our arrival cards and went straight outside. I could see my uncle Vite and I ran  to hug him and I also hugged my cousin Lio. We went to the car and I sat down but once the car moved I heard a shuffle down on the floor and what I saw freaked me out.It was a puppy and I got scared because it was huge.So my other cousin that was in the front picked the dog up and put him in the front.Two days past and then  I got sick it was so bad but at least I got to swim.On the last day we went to the wharf and we sat there drinking hot chocolate. I can not wait to go on another fantastic trip to Tonga.

The Evil Aliens

Today I was making a Comic Quest about The Evil Aliens. It took me a while but I did it.This is about a women fighting a goblin when she sees Three EVIL aliens. She cuts them in one slice and they die.Here is my presentation.


Today I was doing the summer learning journey and I chose Arts as my topic.They asked us to do a tangram and I think that the human tangram was really fun because you had heaps of time to move the shapes into the right place but the other ones were just easy. The human was a challenging one.Here is a screenshot on the human Tangram. Hope you like it.


Today I was doing the Summer learning journey and the topic I chose was Arts.They said that we need to make our own pac man but pac man is dressed as wally in find wally.It took me 25 minutes to accomplish it.Here it is if you want to see. it.