Celebrating 175th Jubilee

On Friday morning St Patrick’s School gathered for our mass for St Patrick’s Day. Our school was singing a few songs that we had been practising for quite a while. After mass we were excited to dig up a time capsule that had been buried in front of the church for 25 years. Nobody knew what was inside it, except for the people who buried it.


Inside the box there were really old and dirty photos and newspapers from the day. When we finished looking at the old photos and newspapers the whole of St Patrick’s was about to go to the morning tea in the hall but Mrs George told us “ go back to school”!! 

When we arrived back at school we had all forgotten that we had sports that day. We were all under the canopy waiting for the teachers. Mrs Bullot had these cards for our teams and my team was winning nearly everything. My team was called Shamrocks and after all the games we had delicious, cold ice blocks for all our hard playing. When Mrs Bullot asked if people wanted to see the results of who had won, everyone (I don’t know why) said ‘no’ so no one except the teachers knew who won.

On Sunday when I entered the church, I looked at all the seats and they were packed with families  and when I looked over at the St Patrick’s side, there were more kids than I expected. The mass took a while because there was a really long entrance talk, when they were sharing history about St Patrick’s and some words in Maori.

After Mass St Patrick’s community went to the hall to go dance and sing some songs.When we started dancing it was so loud. We were stomping and dancing very very loudly. Then we started singing Mo Maria and May the road rise to meet you. Sadly, after that I had to go, but hopefully I’ll be around in twenty five years time to celebrate again.

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