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Creating a Tangram

Today we had a visitor come to our classroom and her name was Mrs Grant. She came to teach us some google short cuts to move tangram shapes to make a jet. The challenging part for me was when I had to put the wings together and make it into a jet. I am so happy that I made it through that hard puzzle and can’t wait until I do it again.


On Monday Mrs Grant told us that we will be making a google drawing of a monster and  I was creating an alien. The most challenging thing for me was when I had to keep creating more and more of the same things around the whole of my page. I am making something that is like COVID and is spreading over the world, and they do that because the humans killed the little one’s daddy. It is a deadly COVID that will attack anyone it sees.I used a black background and a picture of the earth to make it more dark and creepy

Using different shapes to make a picture

Today we had a visitor coming to our class room,  Her name was Mrs Grant and she was going to teach us how to use shapes to make a picture with some google shortcuts that she found out.I felt so excited that i a little bit went ahead of her.I had so much fun that i can’t wait until she comes back.

My favourite learning task today.

Today we had a visitor coming to our class and her name is Mrs Grant.

She  was here to teach us some short cuts on our Chromebooks like going to a new tab.We also learnt of how to use your touch pad when moving something or how to move and paste a word.My favourite learning task was when you could lock your own screen.It was so fun to learn different short cuts and I cant’wait till she comes back.

Kia orana My name is Marii

Kia orana My name is Marii, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in Year 6 and my teacher is Mr Bell. My favourite subject is Maths and Writing  and I enjoy learning about Descriptive language.  I am good at Cricket, Netball, Running fast and good at singing.  My goal for this year is to try my best to be more kind to my brothers and other people. In my spare time I like to sit down and sing a song to myself.


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