On the 14th of July New Zealanders  celebrated a special day of Matariki. Last week when we came back to school, we  read and watched a video about the legend of Tawhirimatea and how he flung his eyes into the Milky Way. These eyes are the Matariki stars. We also made a comic strip of this story.

Another day, we made a Matariki star that we hung up on our wall.

This is how you make a Matariki star:

These are the things you need:

*Wool or string





First you take the cardboard and cut a perfect circle. Next on the cardboard you draw a clock except leave out the hands. Then you cut out the lines above the numbers and get ready to use your wool. Now you put one end of the wool and put it at the top which is number 12. Go from 12 to 6 twice with one colour  and then do 1 to 7 twice, 2 to 8 twice, 3 to 9 twice, 4 to 10 twice, 5 to 11 twice and then cut it at eleven. Then use another colour wool and then instead of starting at 12 you start at 1. From 1 you count 5 up from 2 you count 5 up from 3 you count 5 up from 4 you count 5 from 5 you count up 5 and on until twelve then cut it. Now you should have a Matariki star just like these and mine at the top  of this blog. It was fun.

Characterisation of Storm Boy and Fingerbone Bill

I am a wizened, aboriginal man. I have a flash of white teeth, a jolly black face which is screwed up and wrinkled  like an old boot. I understand the meaning of any tiny or big footprint of any creature on the beach. I cannot see much anymore but I am an Investigator of nature.

                                    My name is ……………………………………….Fingerbone Bill


I am a young boy who loves being in storms. I am afraid of nothing because I have lived at the beach all my life and it is peaceful. I live in a humpy on the Coorong beach between the Murray River and the sea. My father is called Hideaway Tom and his friend is Fingerbone Bill. Our environment provides our food and we look after it too, so that the birds, animals and humans can live together peacefully.

                                                             My name is …………………………………….Storm boy                          


What does your digital footprint say about you?

Today we were learning about how to make an informed guess about someone else’s profile.We learnt that when you are writing about someone you have to show  respect and integrity. The profile that I chose was Kiera and she came from Panmure Bridge School. I learnt a lot of things that she likes and cannot wait to do some more positive  comments on blogs.

Our Kia O Rahi Tournament

Yesterday after morning tea we had a  Ki O Rahi Tournament that was held on our field. I was so excited that I quickly got my PE clothes from my room and changed during morning tea. We had to wear our house colours and the houses are Kauri, Totara, Rata and Rimu and  I was in Rimu. When I was playing  it was so fun because I was running so fast that I nearly scored a try. We switched teams every game.

In the last game for Rimu I was playing and we sadly lost because they scored so many points I lost track. When the games ended the coaches counted up the points and they found that Kauri was first, Rata second and Totara third and Rimu fourth.

Then  coach Trey brought out a fake 100 dollar monopoly note and gave it to Kauri and Kauri was cheering. I had so much fun that I really want to play more games but we sadly couldn’t. One of my friends, Pio said thank you to the coaches for teaching us Kia O Rahi and refereeing. I enjoyed it so much that I cannot wait until next year when we play in another Kia  O Rahi tournament.

My Digital trail

Today we were learning how to create a respectful,responsible and positive person when we are writing a comment on someones blog or writing a message on messenger.So before you right a comment be sure to do that. If you are not  sure of what or how to do it be sure to ask someone that you trust that will help you.I have had so much fun  and can’t wait until next week.


Today we had a visitor which was Mrs Grant and she was going to be teaching us how to put a screen-cast in to your  blog. It was hard at first but luckily we got through it all.I can not wait till people see my video about Pelicans.

The mysterious time Capsulel

Dear Time Capsule

Hi my name is Marii Ripata. I am 8 years old and I go to St Patrick’s school.  I came to this school in 2018 and some of my friends came too except a different months.What I enjoy doing in my free time is drawing on my scrapbook or finishing off the work that I need to finish.When I am all grown up I want to be a business lady like a police officer and do the right thing.

ANZAC biscuits


ANZAC Biscuits


Last Thursday after lunch time  we were going to be having a treat which was an ANZAC biscuit that Mrs Agnew bought for us, but it wasn’t for us just to eat it but also for us to describe what they look like and what the history of them are. Part of the history was that during world war 1 in 1915 women baked ANZAC biscuits because they could last a long time on the boats getting to the men in the war who were fighting for our freedom.  ANZAC means Australia New Zealand Army Corp. When I looked at the ANZAC biscuit it looked like a Frisbee that someone could just throw into my mouth. Once I got the biscuit I was quite afraid that I would spit it out but when I tasted it my mouth just died. It was so delicious I could eat it for a whole year. I loved the texture of the ANZAC biscuit and I cannot wait until next year to hopefully taste another one of those amazing biscuits.