Sir Peter Blake

Sir Peter Bake is very famous because he won every significant blue water race on the planet. Competing in ocean races, he clocked up as many sea miles as any sailor in history, with some epic victories. Sir Peter was very good at sharing to the other guys and letting them make decisions and being part of decision-making on the boat. His team won the America’s Cup for New Zealand for the first time in 1995 and again in 2000.

Sir Peter Blake was born on the first of October 1948 in Auckland.Sir peter Blake went  to Antarctica because he wanted to look at the impacts of climate change, and then to the Amazon to look at the impacts of deforestation.  Sir Peter Blake sadly died because he was shot by pirates.He died on the 5 of December 2001 age 53 in Macapa, State of Ampa, Brazil.Thanks to him other people have started the Blake foundation and that is to dedicated to continuing his environmental leadership legacy.

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