St Patrick’s Day

On the 15th of March we were celebrating St Patrick’s day. We were suppose to be playing games but it was raining so we postponed the games to the 18th which was a Monday.


When the bell rang I was feeling nervous because I was doing the Introduction. We walked up to Mass and as we were walking I kept on practising so I would not make a mistake. When we arrived at church I got even more nervous. I sat down in my own seat and then it was time for me to go up. It was amazing and after I read I went down to sing with the choir.


After mass I got to see my Dad and my oldest brother.When we came back to class Mr Bell gave us a task board on our chromebooks. It was so fun because it had crosswords and videos showing St Patrick’s life. Then the bell rang and we all went out to play. After school we could not wait until Monday.


On Monday we all came back to school and some people like me brought our P.E. gear. At morning tea we quickly changed into our P.E. gear and ran out to play. Then when the bell rang we all sat down under the canopy. We waited for Mrs Bullot and she came. Mrs Foden had a wig on that was the colour green. Mrs Bullot put us all into teams but sadly I forgot what my team was. We played games like cricket and the potato race. We also had the sack race and a basketball game. The last game we had was scatter ball with Mr Bell.


After that Mrs Bullot counted up the points and sadly we did not win, but who cares because a few minutes later Mrs Bullot came with boxes of FruJu Ice blocks. We enjoyed it so much. Then came lunch time, I had a sandwich. After lunch we got to finish of the movie that we had on Friday.It was called spirited away.It was an Anime movie. It was so fun it made me filled with joy.

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