Year: 2024

New Zealand Sign Language

Yesterday on the 16th of May I did a Cybersmart that was teaching me how to do sign language.There was a video of a lady showing us what I was going to be doing and what I will be learning.I went onto my Cybersmart learning site and made a copy of a slide.I scrolled down and it showed me a picture of hands doing the alphabet in sign language.I learnt how to do all the vowels and how to do my own name.

Then on the next slide there was a women who showed me how to say” Hello my name is” and then we would look at the alphabet and sign language our name.I was kind of hard for me because some letters in my name were hard to do.It took me two minutes and then I completed it.

I was able to say something in sign language.I was amazed that I could do it because I never thought that I could.Some of my other friends were doing it as well so I decided to help them get it right.I made a screen cast of me doing sign language.I put it on my slide and was proud of my self for learning something really amazing that I never knew before.I also could not wait to learn way more.

Road to Paris

On Monday the 6th we started our laps for road to Paris.We thought it was going to be very hard but we did it anyway.We first measured the  length and the width of the court so we knew how many laps we could times it by.We got 92.We ran around our court and it was so tiring.We found  out that 11 laps  equalled to 1 km.

The first day I wanted to do 11 laps but the next day I would try doing 21 laps.After we ran our laps we went inside our classroom and used our chrome books for a calculator. I did 11 times 92 which equalled 1012m. I was really proud of myself because two days after that I did 61 laps.I did some at home and added it with the ones I did with the class.I could not wait for the next day to see how many laps I can do.

My Calander for 2025

On Thursday we started our practice drawing for our calendars 2025.I thought I could draw the whole class room and then do us learning our prime maths.As I started drawing I wanted to get every detail in the classroom like our sink and the posters on the walls.

It was hard because people kept on walking in my way while I was trying to draw my picture.In the end it looked really good but the only problem was is that I had to draw it on an A 3 paper.Before I was drawing it on my scrap book but I thought to myself this will be easy.I copied my drawing onto my A 3  paper then all I had to do was colour it.I have not finished but I am happy with what I have.

Cricket tournament

On Tuesday we were all excited because we had a Cricket tournament.  When the morning tea bell rang we all ran to go get changed into our P.E. gear.  Some people wore their house colours  while others wore  their normal P.E.  gear.   He told us who was the first teams playing and then told the rest of the teams to go to the sidelines and wait our turn.

We were all cheering especially when Coach Lucas hit the ball up the fence and then it got stuck.Then at the end of the game it was my teams turn,Rimu. We were fielding first which went really well and the batting went super well.  After that we said goodbye to Coach Lucas because he was leaving to England.We found out that the next week on Wednesday  we were going to continue our cricket tournament.

Image of God

Last week on Monday my teacher Mr Bell told us to draw an image of God from the bible.I was going to draw Jesus but I wanted to do something different because most people were doing it so I decided that I was going to do the burning bush.I started out by drawing the bush.I had to make sure that there was no leaves because it was burning.I then drew the fire which was really cool.I used some felts to lighten it up and then it was ready.I gave it to my teacher and he told me to put it on his desk.I had so much fun drawing it.


St Patrick’s Day

On the 15th of March we were celebrating St Patrick’s day. We were suppose to be playing games but it was raining so we postponed the games to the 18th which was a Monday.


When the bell rang I was feeling nervous because I was doing the Introduction. We walked up to Mass and as we were walking I kept on practising so I would not make a mistake. When we arrived at church I got even more nervous. I sat down in my own seat and then it was time for me to go up. It was amazing and after I read I went down to sing with the choir.


After mass I got to see my Dad and my oldest brother.When we came back to class Mr Bell gave us a task board on our chromebooks. It was so fun because it had crosswords and videos showing St Patrick’s life. Then the bell rang and we all went out to play. After school we could not wait until Monday.


On Monday we all came back to school and some people like me brought our P.E. gear. At morning tea we quickly changed into our P.E. gear and ran out to play. Then when the bell rang we all sat down under the canopy. We waited for Mrs Bullot and she came. Mrs Foden had a wig on that was the colour green. Mrs Bullot put us all into teams but sadly I forgot what my team was. We played games like cricket and the potato race. We also had the sack race and a basketball game. The last game we had was scatter ball with Mr Bell.


After that Mrs Bullot counted up the points and sadly we did not win, but who cares because a few minutes later Mrs Bullot came with boxes of FruJu Ice blocks. We enjoyed it so much. Then came lunch time, I had a sandwich. After lunch we got to finish of the movie that we had on Friday.It was called spirited away.It was an Anime movie. It was so fun it made me filled with joy.

Sir Peter Blake

Sir Peter Bake is very famous because he won every significant blue water race on the planet. Competing in ocean races, he clocked up as many sea miles as any sailor in history, with some epic victories. Sir Peter was very good at sharing to the other guys and letting them make decisions and being part of decision-making on the boat. His team won the America’s Cup for New Zealand for the first time in 1995 and again in 2000.

Sir Peter Blake was born on the first of October 1948 in Auckland.Sir peter Blake went  to Antarctica because he wanted to look at the impacts of climate change, and then to the Amazon to look at the impacts of deforestation.  Sir Peter Blake sadly died because he was shot by pirates.He died on the 5 of December 2001 age 53 in Macapa, State of Ampa, Brazil.Thanks to him other people have started the Blake foundation and that is to dedicated to continuing his environmental leadership legacy.

Blake VR

Today at 9.00 in the morning we went to our  library to see a lady called Alice from Blake NZ. She came with these really cool VR headsets.My class was first.We got to see fish all around us and sharks with stingrays.

Then we talked about how people are polluting in the ocean and we saw truck tiers and shoes everywhere.After wards we got to see extra animals like seals and penguins and then we said our goodbye.It was such and amazing experience and I can not wait till I do it again.

My Sailing Excperience

Yesterday we went sailing with the year six and five to the Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club. It was a long walk that we took.We had to pack some lunch and water bottle,a towel and of course a swimming tog. We left school at 8.25 and arrived at 8.45.There were three people there to teach us.There names were Steph,Allie and Blair.They showed us what the rudder does and how to work the sail.They then let us have a go on land how to move the rudder and sail.After that they said that the year sixes could go in the water and sail and I was excited because I was a year six.


They gave us our life jackets and it took a while to put them on but we did eventually.We hopped in the water and it was really cold.My partner that was with me was screaming “its cold” and also very muddy.We hopped on our boats and started sailing like pros.We were following Steph because we were playing follow the leader and then we were racing with the others to grab the toys Steph was throwing out.She then told us to stop and capsize our boats which was so scary.Me and my partner were the last ones to do it because we were so scared.


Blair came and told us that the easiest way is to go to the front of the boat and rock it.It was really hard and took a long time.Then Steph came and said just hold on to the bar and lean back.I stood up, held the bar and leaned back.It was falling and as it was going to hit the water I jumped off so as my partner and then”SLASH”.It was so fun.We hopped out of the water and then got back on our boats and sailed back to shore.It was then the year fives turn.While we waited we learnt how to do knots and pulleys.Then sooner did we know it was finished and we were sitting down saying thank you to them.We walked back to school and in my mind I wanted to do it again.I was such a great sailing experience.




My Emotianal Drawing

This week we read a book called the big balloon.It was all about animals emotions.When I was drawing mines it was hard to think about what animal to do so I did a Panda. The Panda was depressed because his Mother had died and It was raining.I hope to do this again sometime.