Room 6 Memories

3 thoughts on “Room 6 Memories

  1. Hello Marii

    I like the way you organised your work and put full stops at the end of your memories. Great job.

  2. Hello Marii. Your slide looks amazing and the memories that you have used are great. They gave me a memory when we were doing our tree houses which was actually so much fun.
    I like it when you do the paragraphs so we can know what the photos are all about. Your background colour and font are interesting and look really good on the slide.

  3. Kia ora, my name is Kamela and I like your Room 6 memories blog. It is cool Marii. My favourite part is your tree hut – it is amazing. The best the best part is whan we all were making tree huts. I like the layout of your slides and the background colour is soothing.

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