Learning Basketball Skills

For the past two weeks we have been learning new basketball skills. Our coach is called coach Tray and he has been teaching us three new basketball passes. The three new basketball passes are called chest pass, bounce pass and the last is overhead pass.

Today we were playing three games – the first one was Golden child, then red light, green light and then the last one was called bulldog. We had so much fun when we were playing those games and also in the games we were learning how to dribble because some people did not dribble fast like others do. So we were learning how to dribble quickly while running. Then after bulldog we had to go back to class so we all said good bye to coach Tray and then went back to class. I was so tired and happy because we will be playing  basketball again next week.

2 thoughts on “Learning Basketball Skills

  1. Hello Marii i hope for basketball you had fun. I hope you had a great time playing golden child and were you tired and want to stop at on point. you looked like you didn’t.

  2. Kia ora marii I’m olivia from St Patricks school.
    My favorite part is that there are no mistakes and when you said that some of us can’t dribble fast which is true for me. Hope you have a good day.

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