Year: 2022

The stolen princess

At the beginning of this term we were so excited because we will be making potato people and putting it into a movie. Our teacher gave us these potatoes that she found in her pantry and they were old hideous potatoes in a box. Then she gave us better and cleaner potatoes to make a potato person. We used toothpicks, googly eyes, string, ribbon and many more.

After we made our potato people we went and practiced making movies.We were taking photos of  our potato people and just performing a little play.We have four jobs in our movie making which are director, camera person, scene manger and the last is editor.

Then we started to make a back round scenery:the evil layer, the rocket, inside the castle and the last was the party scene. The title of our movie is The Stolen Princess. It is about a princess who got abducted on her birthday by the evil aliens and took her to the moon. The potato people journeyed to the moon in a rocket ship to rescue the princess. The aliens and the potato people engaged in a very intense battle. Eventually, the aliens lost and the princess was rescued and got her crown back. They came back down to earth and she had a great birthday. The princess thanked her knights in shining armor for saving her life.

We had great fun making a movie of our potato people and we hope you will enjoy it too!


Learning Basketball Skills

For the past two weeks we have been learning new basketball skills. Our coach is called coach Tray and he has been teaching us three new basketball passes. The three new basketball passes are called chest pass, bounce pass and the last is overhead pass.

Today we were playing three games – the first one was Golden child, then red light, green light and then the last one was called bulldog. We had so much fun when we were playing those games and also in the games we were learning how to dribble because some people did not dribble fast like others do. So we were learning how to dribble quickly while running. Then after bulldog we had to go back to class so we all said good bye to coach Tray and then went back to class. I was so tired and happy because we will be playing  basketball again next week.

Legit or Fake?

Today we learning about figuring out if this email was Legit or Fake.

When we are online it is important to look if it is a person or if they are a  company.

In our story, the moral of the story was never to run away from someone who is looking innocent because little red riding hood ran away from the wolf when he was looking innocent and also it looked like the wolf didn’t want to eat the little girl.

Swimming Lessons

Everyday for the last two weeks of last term our school went to the CLM pools to learn how to swim. We had to bring a towel, goggles, jumper, mask and a swimming cap to go swimming. When the day came rooms 1 and 2 went first, then room 6, 7 and 8 boys went. Finally, the room 6, 7 and 8 girls went in the afternoon.

We all went on a bus and everyday I enjoyed it because we weren’t doing schoolwork. When we got to the CLM pool we put our gear down on the wooden benches and then went into the pool. My swimming teacher was called Mrs Parley and she was very kind. On the first day, she put us into our groups and lanes and then we started to learn how to swim.

We learned how to do a back stroke, front stroke and the last was freestyle. At the end of our swimming lesson we got to jump in and make a big splash. I loved that part. On the last day, they put a boat into the pool and we practiced what to do in a boat when you are in trouble out at sea.

After all those lessons I felt like I didn’t need to be afraid when I go swimming in the deep. I felt much more confident in the water. I enjoyed learning how to swim and can’t wait till next time.

Animation Blog – Mr Meaner’s house

We have been making Animations on our chrome books in Google Slides.

I really enjoyed doing this because really good for me to learn to do.

My favourite part was creating our people in the story.

My story is about Mr Meaner did not like his house and a person put a bomb on Mr Meanere’s roof and it exploded.

When Mr Meaner got his new house he asked the guy to come and stay with him and the guy said yes. On chapter three there were no more chips left so Mr meaner went to the shop and bought the chips and the guy and him lived happily ever after.

ki o rahi

Last Thursday, coach Chelsea played us a video called the legend of Rahi. The characters were Rahi and Tiara. Rahi is the man and Tiara is the woman and was married to Rahi. She asked us questions afterwards and only two people were answering her. 

She was going to teach us how to play a game called ki o rahi, but sadly we could not play because it was raining, so she couldn’t set up the equipment so we played other games. We were doing lots of running in the tagging games that we played. They were called octopus, rats and rabbits, infinity tag where all of us were in. I was so tired when I played that game that I got bumped off by someone but I was Ok. I had so much fun when we were playing these new games.

Making a tree house


Last term we were reading and talking about the book called The Tree Hut Treaty. We made our own Class Treaty and then our teacher said we were going to design and make our own tree huts in the last week of term.


I brought a recycled box and a big, plastic Sprite bottle from home. I first filled the big bottle with some water for my tree trunk. Then I got my box and my teacher glued the box with hot glue onto the big bottle.

After that I started to decorate my box with lots of interesting extra stuff. I first cut out some windows and used some brown paper for the curtains of my windows.Then I added some polystyrene for some pillows inside the tree house and also I put some on the top of the box for some hair.

I took some heavy off cuts and placed them on the top of the roof as a bed. Then it was complete. Yes, it turned out to be a tree hut that looked like a person!

When I started to paint I used blue for the pants and white for the t-shirt. Then I painted the box red and then it was complete.

The exciting part was when  the testing began. First we had to check that our tree huts would not get blown over in the wind (or the classroom fan!) We counted to ten and all of our tree huts were successful. Then we had to check for weight and see if they could hold four pairs of scissors. Finally we had to check whether our huts were watertight and when we poured water over them whether they would leak. I was successful with all the criteria and I was very proud and happy.